SEO and Search Engine Marketing

Why Search Engine Optimization?

It is not good to have a beautiful website that no one will see. If the search engines (browsers) do not pick up your site after a search of your topic then your potential customers will never find you. You need a plan to increase your visibility to the search engines and therefore find new potential customers. This is called Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is a very important part of your website development. It involves a number of different tasks aimed at getting the major search engines to list your site higher in searches than your competitors. It is not an exact science and methods are constantly changing because search engines constantly change how they rank pages.

The following methods were gleaned from very recent information about effective search engine optimization.

We would like to offer you a search engine optimization package to help enhance your website ranking. For 3 payments of $230 we will provide you with a Search Engine Optimization package that will potentially help your visibility increase dramatically on the internet.

For less than the price of 3 months for a monthly subscription to an internet yellow-page ad you will receive a whole package of ways to enhance your visibility.

The services in this search engine optimization package are meant to provide an initial and very powerful ramp-up to your search engine rankings. Ongoing work will be required for enhancing your visibility online. Further work might include continual additions to the website content, finding additional websites to link to your website, pay-per-click ad campaigns, and several other web marketing techniques. These are not included in this package.

Here is a list of what we offer for our Search Engine Optimization package:

1. Initial Website Search Engine Analysis
2. Get pages listed in major search engines and directories
3. Create Sitemaps
4. Keyword Analysis and Placement
5. Technical Website Enhancements
6. Social Network, Bookmarking Toolbar and Social Network Campaign
7. Obtain more links to the site from other sites
8. Page View and Conversion Analysis

*some services require hosting on an apache server and your website is php/mysql or additional programming work if not hosted on an apache server.

See the more detailed version below.

Search Engine Optimization – Project Specification

1. Initial Website Search Engine Analysis:

  1. Checking to see if site appears in major search engines and directories;
  2. Analyze site in major Search Engine Analyzers.
2. Search Engine and Directory Submissions

  1. Hand Submission to Open Directory (the foremost online directory)
  2. Evaluate issues with Search Engines not able to index pages.
3. Create Sitemaps
Sitemaps are pages that contain links to each page in the website. Having an accurate, auto-updating sitemap is the preferred method for being listing in major search engines.

  1. Build, link and submit an auto updating sitemap that is designed specifically for Google
  2. Build, link and submit an auto updating sitemap that is designed specifically for Yahoo
  3. Build, link and submit an auto updating sitemap that is designed specifically for MSN
  4. Build admin application to alert major search engines each time an article is added or updated
4. Keyword Analysis and Placement

A. Keyword Analysis
Keywords and phrases are those that describe who we are and what we do and are also the same words and phrases that people use when looking for a business like ours. Here are the main steps for doing this:

  1. Take list of best-guess words and phrases (Keywords)
  2. Test them using top rated keyword analysis system to discover the similar words and phrases that actually show up in search queries by Internet users.
  3. Examine keywords from competitor pages.
  4. Develop for each major section a list of search phrases that you want to be found for, that people are actually using in searches, and that have a minimum of competition from other websites similar to yours.

B. Revising Current Pages with Best Key-words
Placement of keywords into the hidden part of the website coding. Some steps for making the pages more attractive to the search engines (making them rank higher for the keywords we discovered).

  1. Adding Keywords to all necessary places in pages and metatags
    (page titles, keyword tag, description tag, h1 headings, text
  2. Embed keywords at the top of each page. (If desired)
  3. Add 2-5 long keyword rich text links within the major pages that
    link to other pages in the site.
  4. Alt tags – re-write image alternate text tags to include keywords (up to 20 pictures).
5. Technical Website Enhancements Effecting Search Engine Ranking

  1. Permanent redirect
    (make sure the http://.. And http://www… Versions of the site direct to the
    same location)
  2. Creating a fav icon
    Fav icons are the little icons that appear in toolbars when the page is open.
    Having your own icon gives you a slight SEO boost.
  3. Create robots.txt
    This is a small text file in your main directory that tells search engines how
    to index the pages.
  4. Site Security – Disable Directory Browsing
  5. Site Security – Restict Libwww-perl Access
6. Social Network, Bookmarking Toolbar and Social Network Campaign
Social Networking is a new and rapidly growing way of sharing links to great content sources. When visitors are on your website and click an icon like “Digg”, “Technorati”, “Delicious”, or others, then your site is added to a list of bookmarks that are available to that visitor’s network.

We will help you organize a campaign to provide hundreds of links via social networking. One of the ways this will be done is too provide you with a form letter (made specific to your business) to your clients and associates to show them in detail how they can rate and review your business on one of these social networking sites, if they are happy with your services.

7. Obtain more links to the site from other sites

  1. We will register your company at the highest search engine ranking
    directories that are applicable to your business. For instance, local
    directories, and particular business directories, depending on your market.
  2. If you are already registered we will give you a list of places where
    a review or rating is needed or updated information that we can add
    to the social networking campaign listed in #6.
  3. We will provide you with a list of additional websites suggestions
    that would be good to try to make a reciprocal link arrangement.
    We will provide you with a editable form letter to request reciprocal
8. Page View and Conversion Analysis
Effective Contact Form on homepage visitors need a way to respond on the
home page.